Research, assessment and consulting services to support your decision-making process about entering the Mexican market:

  • Nationwide market research by industry, segment and products.
  • Identification of prospective customers, distributors or business partners
  • Consumer behavior studies on new products and services.
  • Legal, financial and accounting consulting services.
  • Coordination of business agendas (interviews between involved parties in target market).

Teamwork and collaboration to help you establish, develop and grow your new business in Mexico:         

  • Recruiting and selecting talents in the local market.
  • Employees profile assessment.
  • Intercultural coaching for expats.
  • Training and education (sales, leadership, organizational culture, individual coaching for top executives, group coaching, process auditing and project management among others).
  • Development of digital marketing strategies to help our customers position their businesses in the new market.
  • Matchmaking.  Government and private sector relationships.

Consultancy’s services on global commerce and support on international logistics. Assistance to import your products into Mexico.

  • Trader for imports in the national territory.
  • Integrated logistics for global commerce.
  • Storage in Mexico and abroad.
  • Compliance of the NOMs in Mexico.
  • Implementation of free trade international treaties in regards to goods and services.