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In today’s globalized world companies seek to expand and grow by penetrating markets in new regions that promise to be appropriate for their business development goals. They usually do this by branching out into a new country or by exporting their products and services into a region that offers compatible economic levels, business trends and a geographical region that is appropriate.

Penetrating a new market that is not familiar to the company may entail other important considerations than just financial aspects such as the cultural, social and political structures of the population. Understanding these intricacies is a challenge that companies must overcome in order to increase the success rate of their new international endeavors.

Some common challenges are:

  • Knowing the lifestyles and idiosyncrasies of the population where the company will set their new project.
  • Adapting the marketing strategy of its products and services to the personality and language of the new consumers.
  • Helping your employees – the company talent — to quickly adjust to the new working environment.
  • Identifying and creating relationships with potential buyers/customers.
  • Understanding product-specific regulations on foreign trade and logistics in the target destination to make sure the products are compliant with import/export policies.

Our objective

At Global CulturMark our goal is to effectively assist our customers by providing them with specialized consulting services, enterprise solutions and corporate business services to expedite and streamline their entry to the Mexican market.